4 Second Spacebar Test

Count the number of spacebar presses you can make in 4 seconds. Find out your spacebar speed and test yourself.

Spacebar Hits
Press Spacebar to Start the Test
You are a Snail
You are a Koala
You are a Turtle
You are a Panda
You are a Hare
You are a Kangaroo
You are a Panther
You are a Cheetah
Your result is Spacebar hits in Seconds ( HPS)

How to use 4 second Spacebar Counter


Using our space bar test is very simple. Choose the duration of the test that suits you. Or turn off the timer.


To start the test, press the space bar and keep pressing until the time runs out. Press the space bar as fast as you can.


When the test time is over, stop pressing the space bar. In a special window you will see your result, rating, number of clicks. Share with your friends and repeat the test.

What is a 4 Second Spacebar Counter?

The space counter is a handy and free tool that will allow you to measure your speed of pressing the space key and find out how many times you have time to press it in 4 seconds.

So if you also want to know your level of skills and the speed of pressing the space bar on a computer or laptop keyboard, or even take part in a tiktok contest, then our counter is ideal for your tasks.

With it, you can not only kill time by having a lot of fun, but even organize your own competition with the team. You and your friends can finally find out which of you is the fastest, the most persistent, the strongest in the end, who presses the space bar faster and better.

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